Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thoughts on adaptations, fan reaction, and oh yeah new astro boy trailer

Whenever some nerdy property gets adapted to a new medium or remade there's a big stink about not being faithful to the original. Honestly, most of this is pretty stupid. It's adaptation not translation things get changed around for the sake of a new medium, and new interpretations can be very interesting. If you're so attached to the original just stick to that and ignore the what you don't like. This brings us to the trailer for the Astro Boy movie. Go watch it, it's short, I can wait.

All I can say is that they nailed the sleek retro-cool look for the films visuals, but otherwise I remain very skeptical. Astro Boy was mostly an allegory for prejudice with occasional examinations of what it means to use a robot to replace a person emotionally. This trailer seems to be about yoinking plot ideas from The Iron Giant and Short Circuit. Also, Nic Cage voice acting and machine gun butt, questionable.

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