Monday, December 28, 2009

A proposal (not sure on the degree of modesty)

Freshly flush with xmas cash, I began looking for deals on video games; including my fuel for my addiction to plastic instrument-based rhythm gaming. Looking at the most recent entries Band Hero and Lego Rock Band to realize that between both games there were about ten songs I liked and around one hundred songs of varying degrees of crap. As I pondered this I realized the same thing about the on-disc songs of the games I own (Sturgeon's Law triumphs again!), but that 90% of the songs I had bought as DLC were awesome.

So he's the proposal: next major iteration of each franchise (GH6, RB3) ships with the no songs on disc, you get the full game engine and all the modes, but no songs just credit to download 60-80 songs from the online store and all the songs you would have put on a disc launching as DLC on the same day, allowing the user base to pick and choose what they want, making everyone happy. Or at least make me happy, which is all that really matters.

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